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CARPATH software
Project Manager in West-Europa

Dehnhardtstr. 49C
D-60433 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 0049 69 95 29 25 27
Fax.: 0049 69 95 29 25 28
Mobile: 0049 160 5 54 17 96

Offshore Development
The Bussines Model

The management of the company is made up of German and Romanian entrepreneurs, some of them having worked in Germany for decades now, on various posts in the IT industry. Their experience in software development, in project coordination and in management of software providers, has been beneficial to our doing business model which turned out to be workable. Smooth communication between our end users in Western Europe and the US and our production units in Romania is ensured thanks to the active presence of our head of international project based in Frankfurt am Main. Equipped with state-of-the-art logistics enabling him to oversee online from Frankfurt the software development process in Romania. Aside from this, he is the hub for all technicalities and specialty talks between our clients abroad and the Bucharest office.

What makes the major difference between Saturn and its competition lies in two decisive characteristics, regarding consultancy prior and subsequent to the execution of the agreement:

-We provide advice to our clients and prospective clients exclusively on the spot, at the client premises. This means that prior to purchase of our services, our project coordinator in Germany will precisely define with the customer or prospective client the latter's specific needs. Thanks to his know-how and expertise (please refer to the software development page) he understands the specific expectations of his partner and customises the terms of reference and/or an expert appraisal survey. If his know-how or expertise is not sufficient (is obsolete), he will resort to one of the team members in Romania.
-We follow up, correct and advance the development of the IT project only together with the client. We are not an island remote from the client, from where we come up with our mind games in the sole form of finished programmes, but we carefully map each step, study each stage of software development, so that no gap will break between the client expectations (i.e. the final solution) and our programming. And this is possible because most of the time we have several specialists in action in Germany.

Based on our project draft developed together with the customer we prepare an offer, including as follows:

- the deadlines agreed for carrying out the project;
- proposed rates;
- quality standards of the end product.

Our speciality consultancy expertise covers all areas of modern ERP (accounting, investments, analytical accounting, orders and billing, stock management, human resources management etc.), technical applications (development and production management, electronics applications and machines-tools manufacturing) as well as banking and insurance. There is at least one of our people who has gained experience in some Western country in one of the sectors above, either under an outsourcing agreement or as an employee.

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