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CARPATH software
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Dehnhardtstr. 49C
D-60433 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 0049 69 95 29 25 27
Fax.: 0049 69 95 29 25 28
Mobile: 0049 160 5 54 17 96

Carpath Software Our Products
Salaries V5

This software enables calculation of payroll for all categories of employees in a company, under full-time or part-time employment agreements, and of employees under another type of employment agreement (part-time employment agreements on a non-primary job position etc).

The software uses the Romanian legislation in force as guidelines and takes into account all exceptional cases related to methods of employment. The programme has been updated to consider the law changes occurred between 1997-2000 and those brought under the new labour charter and tax code issued in 2003/2004.

Our software is flexibly designed so as to allow calculation of salary from the net to the gross amount or vice-versa, in the domestic currency ROL or in EUR/USD, with the foreign exchange gain/loss shown.

The programme calculates the bimonthly salary payments function of the monthly earnings. It computes overtime and money entitlements for such overtime, it calculates, inter alia, annual holiday pay and sickness leave pay.

If the programme is used for e-banking operations, it automatically generates the ".roi" and ".int" standard files for money transfers to the banks concerned.

The programme generates a wide array of statistics and reports, which can be displayed, archived or printed out.

Secrecy of the data is preserved by means of a specific protection system. The data export function allows transfer of the payroll data into the general or analytical accounting files of other various applications.

Its main technical features are:
  » Windows (9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP)
  » 1 user / network
  » MS FoxPro database
  » Programming language: Visual Fox 6.0

Please find enclosed the major users of the application: Pfizer Romania and Coca Cola.

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