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CARPATH software
Project Manager in West-Europa

Dehnhardtstr. 49C
D-60433 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 0049 69 95 29 25 27
Fax.: 0049 69 95 29 25 28
Mobile: 0049 160 5 54 17 96

Our Strategy
Company Policy
Carpath software - and the message

Our goal is to provide our current and prospective clients in Western Europe with services in the form of Outsourcing, to be performed by using state-of-the-art information technology and software development technology according to the ISO 9000 standard.

Since Romania is a European country with its borders maximum 600 Km away from Germany, and with part of the nationals belonging to the German culture, it is easy to understand why it is an interesting environment to entrepreneurs aware of these advantages. For instance Temeschburg, Kronstadt, Hermanstadt sau Klausenburg - Romanian cities with German culture and tradition but also with a lively academic life - provide high quality services at competitive prices.

Not having to look for attractive software development opportunities thousands miles away, but having them here in Europe Ante Portas is the very essence of the motto on our business card! The labour market costs are low, hence our slogan "75% more favourable programming, at the highest quality standards. We provide quality services, as our people are professionals who majored in high tech, with excellent mastery of modern languages and widely experienced in development of IT project in Western states. Those who have read and understood this message are to choose us, sooner or later as globalisation in Europe allows no entrepreneur to ignore such a benefit.

International alignment
Carpath software bridging Eastern and Western Europe

As early as its incorporation our company was intended as a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, as its founders, if their residence, workplace and clients are considered, belong to the European background. Globalisation has intensified throughout the years. New people have joined our team, all of them experienced software analysts, with an international alignment provided by means of long-term agreements with large companies (e.g. Deutsche Bank) throughout the world, in the US, France or Germany.

This is the strategy we highlight and whose fruits we shall reap together with our present and future partners. They will benefit from our know-how and expertise in modern technology, and from specialty input in all economic matters.

Multilingual hub
Carpath software - multilingual development hub

As we have reiterated above, our people are fluent speakers of modern languages (German, English, French), practiced during stays in the respective countries. In an age when IT reigns supreme against the background of globalisation, Romanian IT specialists are recognised for their skills and employed straight by the large western corporations.

Further information is available on the "Our partners" page.

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